Services provided by Specialist Rendering Services include:

External Wall Insulation

The advantages of installing external wall insulation (EWI) on a home are numerous and wide-ranging. EWI insulates the walls, which helps to reduce heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in warm weather. The result is a much more comfortable living environment within the home and a reduction in heating costs by up to as much as 40% with less risk of condensation and damp walls.

The external appearance of the home can be greatly improved using the range of coloured renders, brick effect and other specialist finishes available. Older homes are often significantly improved to the high standard of new builds

The wide range of EWI systems available means that there will be an appropriate solution for all homes regardless of the type and location of the property, aesthetic preference or budget.

All External Wall Insulation Systems are complimented by an extensive range of renders and decorative finishes including acrylic and silicone-based textured renders, metallic-effect renders and brick and stone finishes as well as architectural profiles and waterproof coatings.

Specialist Rendering

Specialist rendering services are approved applicators for the key render suppliers including Sto, Alsecco, permarock and Weber. These modern thin coat silicone renders are available in an infinite range of colours and textures. They are available for direct application to masonry, or as an integral part of an insulated system.

They are extremely flexible, giving high levels of crack resistance, and can be through- coloured giving colour stability, leading to increased durability and lower maintenance. The benefits of insulated renders include greater flexibility of design for Architects, the preservation of the fabric of the building for the owner and the lowering of running costs for the occupiers.

Our Rendering Services include:

  • Interior Plastering
  • External Rendering
  • K-Rend
  • Monocouche Rendering
  • Pebble Dashing
  • Brickslip Systems
  • Exterior Insulated Rendering Systems

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